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Recap: Video from Metanomics Community Forum for National Robotics Week

April 21, 2011 Leave a comment
Click here to watch video Metanomics Community Forum
Watch live streaming video from metanomicscommunityforum at

Virtual National Robotics Week

April 5, 2011 6 comments
Banner for National Robotics Week
Banner for National Robotics Week

The IEEE Computer Society will host events inside of the virtual world of Second Life in support of National Robotics Week (    Click here to view the Google Calendar which is shaping up with speaker and tour events. All times are being posted in Pacific Time, which is also Second Life Time (SLT).   Various events are scheduled April 9-17 including:

  • In-world presentations
  • Tours of virtual robotics and AI applications
  • Game engine AI applications
  • Advanced bots
  • Training & simulation robots
  • Large scale bot culture communities
  • Robotic machines
  • Virtual learning centers
  • Robot hunt
  • Week-long virtual robot building competition with prizes

Hands-on classes related to building and scripting robots, and AIML basics will be taught inworld. Various organizations in Second Life will be collaborating with the IEEE to engage and interest individuals in STEM education and careers.

HUNT INFORMATION: Join the “Robot Hunt” group in Second Life for the latest information on the hunt.  BladeRunners sought to become Bukateers.  Hopefully your robot will keep their sanity at the end of this hunt!  LISTED ON SL HUNTS!

AILC in Second Life
Artificial Intelligence Learning Center in Second Life

To visit these virtual events, you will need to:

  1. Be at least 16 years of age
  2. Create an avatar at
  3. Then use this SLURL to teleport to the IEEE’s Artificial Intelligence Learning Center (AILC):
CNN iReport

CNN iReport

Check out this article from CNN iReport from Nadia Lane on artificial intelligence in virtual worlds: “Save Me AI Bot! Save Me!”:

For the latest information and scheduled presentations, please see: