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May Meeting for Virtual IEEE (May 7th)

Here are some of the topics for the May Meeting of the Virtual IEEE in Second Life:

We have 3 primary topics for this month’s meeting:

  1. National Robotics Week (April 9-17, 2011): The IEEE Computer Society would like to thank all who helped make these virtual events such a great success this year.   We welcome discussion at this meeting on “Lessons Learned” from doing the presentations, competitions, robot hunt, social media marketing (Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr), use of online publishing apps (Google Calendar and WordPress), and other activities from our support of this Real Life event for National Robotics Week (http://www.nationalroboticsweek.org).  We ask that critiques focus on aspects to help us move forward for future events by helping get to the elements that worked best and what improvements could make future Virtual IEEE events of even greater value and reach.  One aspect we’re still trying to achieve is to bring more real life IEEE member to take part in events.  Here are some post:

    NRW items we’ll want to discuss at the meeting:Removing the robot exhibits?  Does anyone need to take pics or do more publicity or should we have these removed from the sims now?  If no more documentation is needed, we can ask people to remove their exhibits from the sandboxes on IEEE and IEEE 2 sims.   Maybe we could pick a date (ni a week or so) to have the owners remove them by or they would be returned to the creators’ inventories by the sim owner.Plato Pizzicato comments on this year’s NRW: In regards to things to consider for any event next year, “We could use more planning time and have more people helping out with events — for example, it would be good to have an event moderator for each scheduled event who is not participating or judging, but can handle issues such as technical problems, annnouncements, etc.   Overall though, everything went very well this year.  I can provide more detials at a later time.”

    Stats on Virtual IEEE National Robotics Week 2011: We increased traffic a good bit.  We used XD Fusion’s virtual assitants to track visitors with notifications by email and created a WordPress site: https://virtualieee.wordpress.com  Here are the quick stats from National Robotics Week:
    * 246 clicks on the green gear hints counter for the Robot Hunt
    * Over the last 7 days, the daily average of visitors to the AILC was: 67 avatars
    * Average visitors per presentation: 20-30 avatars
    * For the whole week, we had 656 visitors to the AILC between 4/9-4/17 with daily breakouts shown below:
    o April 9th = 91
    o April 10th = 96
    o April 11th = 110
    o April 12th = 95
    o April 13th = 60
    o April 14th = 35
    o April 15th = 44
    o April 16th = 83
    o April 17th = 42 (but that was only up till 3:22 pm SLT)
    We did have a rather difficult time getting people for the buildoffs even with 100,000 Lindens in prizes.  Perhaps for our next event, we could by planning a bit more in advance be able to announce what the prizes are up front and do more marketing socially in the areas that would bring the best participants from Second Life and the real world IEEE members.

  2. Planning for cGames (July 27-30, 2011): We will start planning for this real world event that takes place this year in Kentucky (http://www.cgamesusa.com).  LOM Runner has stated us out on planning this event and will update us on the road ahead.  The main aim of the conference is to bring together researchers, games developers, sound, graphics, video, and animation developers, education and training industry, and students from around the world to exchange ideas on design methods, research and development, and programming techniques that are beneficial to the computer games industry and academia. For each event the theme has been chosen to reflect the major changes in the way in which digital games are developed and played.
  3. IEEE sims: Looking forward, we would like to start discussions about virtual world analytics for tracking user visitation and interaction on the IEEE sims.  As Events like cGames, National Robotics Week, and others bring more people to the IEEE Island Sims, we will want to look at how people interact with the sims and how well suited the builds are for that interaction to allow form to follow function to maximize usage.  One technology we are trying is the free Proximity Sensor 2.4 sensor from Maya Realities (http://www.mayarealities.com/).

Meeting Loction:  Artificial Intelligence Learning Center (AILC) on the IEEE 2 sim in Second Life
Meeting Time:
First Saturday of the Month: May 7, 2011 with socializing starting at 8 am (SLT/PDT) and meeting at 9 am (SLT/PDT)

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